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Seth Shostak, Astronomer, Mountain View, California, U.S.A.:

"PictureRetitle is indispensible.  I used to dread the tiresome job of labeling all my digital photos, but this program not only makes the process faster, but positively pleasant.  For the price of a dinner for two, it's seriously improved my life."

T.B., Wisconsin, U.S.A.:

"PictureRetitle  allows me to organize all my photos with titles that provide real information on a quick scan through the directory.  On a recent trip, we took over 700 photos.  After using PictureRetitle, we can easily browse through and find everything that was taken at a particular venue or of a particular subject.  I've used it to rename literally thousands of photos on my system."

Gerrit van der Werff, Diemen, the Netherlands:

"PictureRetitle: a fantastic program helping me to make sure pictures get the right name and date. I rely on the program to always find pictures in the right folder. This has resulted in great picture albums."

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"The program’s key feature is a dictionary function that allows you to reuse words and, even more important, fragments of titles of picture files you renamed in the past"
"With PictureRetitle Pro, picture renaming goes very fast and unambiguous. Thanks to the dictonary function, adding words into your picture title is a piece of cake.

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