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About the author


Computers are fascinating


Having just turned fifty, I didn't grow up with the daily use of computers. There always was an interest though, whenever there would be an article in the paper about computers, I would devour it. Sheer magic to me!


Being an IT professional


I started my professional life in a rather boring office job. When a position opened up in the computer department of the company I worked for, I didn't have to think twice and applied for the job and was hired. That is over 25 years ago and I never left the IT business since.


Initially I loaded boxes of punch cards into a card reader machine, put paper into giant printers and mounted heavy disk packs on devices the size of washing machines. A disk like that could hold no less than 100 MB of data! You probably have 20 times as much memory on your usb-stick today.


As you all know, stepping from those days into 'the here and now', is a giant leap. After my days as a computer operator, I programmed in COBOL for many, many years. Right now I program in Oracle, something completely different.


Work becomes a hobby!


 When you are a programming freak like I am, I have to admit, you simply continue at home. 


Seven years ago I discovered the programming tool Delphi. One of my first projects was to write a slide show program after I had purchased my first digital camera. It did get a little out of hand since this program is still further developed (







It taught me a lot. For a couple of years I had been thinking about a way to make renaming individual pictures more easier.


I am a fanatic renamer. Through the years I renamed about 5,000 pictures the hard way. And yes, that was really, really time consuming. 


The solution I finally thought of resulted in PictureRetitle. First of all I use the program myself. The 20,000 pictures I renamed since then, only took a fraction of the time compared to renaming the first 5,000 the old fashioned way.


And what else?


I am married to a lovely American woman who always proof reads my English writing, which is most helpful. I also have two grown up sons and a very naughty cat. You can read about the cats' adventures on her blog: Kats-In-Klompen.


I love to watch soccer (my active days as a soccer player are behind me) and I sincerely hope the Dutch soccer team will be world champion one day. Then I can finally leave the traumas of 1974 and 1978 (when they lost in the final) behind me.;) Who knows, maybe in 2010?? (They were so close, again:)




Enjoy PictureRetitle!