Pro and Basic. For Windows 7, Vista and XP.

PictureRetitle offers:

The best possible way to rename individual pictures. Naming pictures used to be a dreadful job that would take forever. PictureRetitle eliminates this drawback - it's quick, it's easy!

It is all there! But how to get to it ?

Every word or phrase you would use in a picture name already exists in some form. With PictureRetitle, you can bring the text to the picture. Some examples:

  • Pictures of a trip to NYC: all names of important streets, tourist attractions, historical buildings, etc., can be found on the internet - for instance, in a New York Wikipedia page.
  • Pictures of guests at your daughter's wedding: you probably have the guest list in a text document.
  • Pictures of subjects you regularly take pictures of: you already have folders with named pictures of these subjects.



Copy and paste!   

You can capture blocks of text from the internet, Word documents, etc., and use PictureRetitle to extract the words and phrases you need to title your pictures. It is a matter of copying and pasting the information into PictureRetitle's dictionary.

Any folder with named pictures can be loaded into that same dictionary.

With PictureRetitle, all the information that already exists is made accessible to rename your pictures.

And all words you type yourself:

Words and phrases you do type yourself are also immediately stored in the dictionary.

A small demo

On the left: a small demonstration of how you can rename pictures having put some information (from a Wikipedia page about Paris) in PictureRetitle's dictionary.

Prefix, Suffix, Numbering, Date/Time, Day, Exif tags

Next to the free text element, these are the other optional elements that make up a picture title.

The perfect organizer

PictureRetitle is not only about renaming. It also offers a very flexible organizer. Click here to learn about all the available features.

          Titles versus tags

 Tags are useful to add general subjects to a batch of images, while a title provides information about the individual picture.

Titled pictures exponentially increase the search power of the program you use to view your images. Because: Every word in a picture title is a 'visible tag!'

Titles are more meaningful than tags.

A title (file name) is:

  • Always visible, where tags are not.

  • An inseparable part of the picture; tags might get lost (i.e., in uploading).

There are many rename programs in the world, the majority of those programs focus on batch renaming.

There are very few programs that focus on idividual renaming of pictures.

Not one of those comes even close to the flexibility that PictureRetitle has to offer.

Flexibility is one thing, safety is another.

All the work you do is constantly written to disk. Suppose you are working on a large batch of pictures and a power failure occurs.  All the work you did is safe. Just restart the program and it will continue at the picture you were supplying a title for when the ligths went off.